Just updated to ( lol was forced to update to, because Microsoft doesn't give a fuck about your internet plans ) windows 10 build 1809 ( shitbox ) which erased my documents folder, uninstalled some of my games ( The only reason I was still using windows) and uninstalled my graphics driver. What did those guys smoke while writing the code for this update???!!!!! I mean if this is a work of some notorious guy who is just trying to create chaos then kudos, but this update didn't leave a choice to permanently switch to linux.

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    How did you just do that if they pulled the update days ago?
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    sorry by just I meant 3 days back. I spent the entire night 2 nights back to unfuck this
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    Contacted Microsoft?
    See workaround text https://support.microsoft.com/en-us...
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    I swear no one knows about restore points anymore.
    Word of advise, if you’re using Windows 10, expect nothing but trouble, have backups, have regular restore points and a live USB to boot into when shit hits the fan.
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    Windows 10 1809 wasn't distributed via Windows Update yet, you had to upgrade manually ...
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