If the requirements are this stringent in the job posting, I can't imagine how terrible it would be to work for this person.

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    You get 10$ working as a student in mcdonalds
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    @ganjaman this

    12 dollars for 12 hours a day for 12 days...fucking idiots.
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    @D--M because you need to deliver it in 10-12 days you know. $1/day
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    @SukMikeHok seems fair. Oh, and they are only hiring developers in the US.
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    If it paid 100 times more it would still be a shitty salary, wth...
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    I have seen better paying job postings for “sales assistant”, during Uni days, that this one...

    $10-12 what a joke.... looks like an elaborate troll!
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    10-12 per hour? Fuck even that's low af
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    @zankar It's 10-12 dollars after you have finished the job once. Else you get nothing.
    This means, in the best case scenario you get $1/day.
    He isn't looking for a dev, he's looking for a code slave...
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