I recently started studing on universty of technology. One of the classes is called "introduction to programming" where students learn how to code in C/C++. Of course it would be extremly useless for me so i told my lecturer about it. He told me that i can skip all lectures and come only to take tests. And i have to make a simple C program for the labs as well.

When I saw him for the first time i noticed that he has a apple laptop...
(so i thought he was a apple fanboy)

But when i approached him at the end of the lecture i saw that he had installed WINDOWS ON IT.

Fucking respect.

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    Even though I'm not an apple fan:

    Mac OS > Windows
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    Yeah everyone is like:
    -install a fucking linux!
    -mac os is better u noob!

    so listen
    he teaches programming,
    good luck instaling code::blocks, visual studio and other apps on a machine other than windows.
    In addition to that the whole course is on windows. Some freshmen didnt use linux before thats why.
    It would be harder for him to explain stuff on linux where everybody is using windows...
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