Not so much screaming as staring in disbelief, mumbling profanity in his direction...

When my department lead said "I don't think this unit testing hype or code reviews make much sense, it's more efficient to just make a checklist and test the application yourself"

This was the QA department of an aerospace company, we wrote NDT software to do image recognition on xrays of alloy welds and micrometer laser measurements on fuel tank surfaces. Software which is quite mission critical, a single misrecognized welding fault could literally cost up to half a billion dollars — not to mention that it's a very sabotage & espionage sensitive industry.

After raising some hell he was replaced though.

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    OMG! Though I’ve had companies where when I’ve raised the issue of unit testing, they’ve had similar stances that it’s not worth it.

    I genuinely had one guy say that unit testing isn’t needed because they’re agile and that the developers should be getting it right, instead of having tests.
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    @Brolls In that case, the developers should still enforce tests on their own. Humans can't always be right, especially not at first.
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    Fuk dat shit mate 🤦‍♂️
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