Found this in our repo…

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    How... How do people end up committing their private SSH key!?
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    @incognito They probably have no idea how it works and just followed a random tutorial on the Internet.
    It's insane.
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    Looks tasty
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    cat id_rsa < /dev/null | git commit -am "y'all st00pid" (or something like that)
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    @xewl git history though..

    However I think you might be able to go to that exact commit, change the key and --amend it to overwrite the history? Not sure....
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    @incognito I recall reading about that too
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    @incognito actually he should generate a new key and remove the old one from wherever he was using it, replacing with a new one. This one is already exposed anyway, so it's maybe pointless removing from the history.
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    Post them here ;)
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    @lucaspar well yeah duhh, I didn't mean to save his hold key from being leaked, I ment for cleaning up the git history 😉
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    I wonder if there were previous merge conflicts 😀
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