A project I'm working on uses Elastic for internal monitoring and logs. The customer asked to access those logs - not something we'd normally do, but it's isolated from other things we use and there's no critical data there, so what the heck, let them have it.

Ever since, we're getting tons of questions like "There are tons of [insert random info message] all the time, do you have any plans to resolve them?" and it gets to the point where I'm just about ready to scream back "NO, SUZAN, BOOKING NOT COMPLETED MANS THE USER F###ING CANCELLED IT, IT'S NOT SOMETHING I CAN FIX IN THE CODE"

Edit: the customer's name isn't actually Suzan

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    Never ever give customers access to raw data.

    They only think they like it but since they cannot understand it they just worry.
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    It's entirely "their" data, and I've had to make a decision between giving them access, or integrating various data collecting & processing tools on a monthly basis...

    I'm not sure doing it the other way would be any less stressful 🤷‍♀️
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    God damn it, Karen!
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    @hitko probably not :/

    But it’s still rarely a good idea to give an end user full raw access.

    But yes it can be hard to explain.
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