The worst (and only, really): I signed a 5 year contract with this company and now I'm miserable.
But I can't to quit, or else I'll have to pay 16000€ so yeah...

And the worst part: after I signed the contract I realised I don't really want to do this, so now I'm stuck in this company for 5 years (unless they fire me) and can't do what I ACTUALLY want to do.

I had another opportunity at the time, but I didn't go because I would be making a lot less, but at least I could leave when I wanted!
Also, my family said this would be better, and 5 years wasn't a lot of time, so I trusted them... What a bad idea!
I will spend the first half of my 20's doing something I should have kept as a hobbie!

I only make bad decisions, I swear

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    Even I've currently signed a 2 year contract with the company I'm working with, since I'm a fresher.
    But the good thing is that such 'contracts' forcing workers to stay for any time period are simply void under my country's law and they make you sign it just to scare and intimidate you.
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    @irene longer contract times are normal if the employer pays some expensive training or even parts of the studies or so.
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    If you make them go bankrupt, you won’t have to to serve your time.
    Here’s a tip: ’drop table users’.

    But seriously, there must be a way to renegotiate this. No sane company would want to keep an unhappy employee for 5 years.
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    then do some horrible work so they can fire you?
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    @SukMikeHok that's a bad idea. That reflects badly when you're applying elsewhere.

    But seriously, 5 years is a long contract. And here I am cribbing about a 2 year contract.
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    I'm not sure what is on your contract, but if it's possible you can start a new job without showing any previous experience. I would advice you to go through the contract again. I have seen couple of cases, it's only required pay the contract amount before contract period expires only if you want all the documents like releasing letter, experience letter... So first go through the contract thoroughly, you may find some way out.
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    @irene 16000€ is how much they paid for the training I had to do, I don't know where the 5 years came from tho...

    Since it was my first job I had the "accept anything you can get" mentality. Thinking back, that was my biggest mistake. If anyone reads this is looking for their first job, learn from my mistakes!
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    @AnonymousDev The first time I read it, it was all very clear: if you quit you have to pay.

    But I'll take your advice and go through it again, maybe I missed semething!
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    Now I'll be in such situation by next month if I can't decide if I'll stay or not. Dang, life choices.... what's holding me back is the thought of there's no perfect company + will always that asshole.
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    @captainskippah I honestly have no advice for you, but if you are not sure then is probably not a good idea, at least in my experience, hopefully it's different for you
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    @captainskippah but please don't forget to weigh all your options before you make a final decision. I don't want you to make a terrible one because a stranger online said so! 😂
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