Well, I guess all the Linux folks are going to know what I am talking about. Do you know this feeling (Yes, you know. Don't tell me anything.) when you use Linux and nobody else uses Linux in your Work/School. And these people come to you and say.

Stupid people : Oh! You use Linux. That's bullshit!
Me : No it's not. It doesn't do 24/7 updates like Windows.
Stupid people : No, Linux is bullshit you don't have money for Windows. And Linux can't run professional Applications.

Unfortunately there is no medicine that cures dumbness. Just saying ...
I'd rather stay not dumb like these people instead of buying another Windows license.

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    > you don't have money for Windows

    > You don't have enough money to throw in a dumpster fire
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    I have no problem with people using Windows and i agree that Windows is good for some uses.. But.. when this happens, i will go out all guns blazing. This recently happened actually to me also..
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    @MrCSharp lmao maybe if you didn't cry so much about people mentioning things you'd notice how often those linux users (that you definitely didn't make up) talk to you about linux
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    @MrCSharp I uSe ArCh bTW
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    @taigrr 😂😂😂
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    You can't fix stupid. There's not a pill you can take; there's not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever. - Ron White
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    Then you start working and everyone uses linux. Or not, depends where/what you're doing.
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    And then everyone grows up and no one cares about what OS other people use on their machines...
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    > You don't have money for Windows.

    No, I have money for other things because I didn't have to spend any money on my operating system.
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    > You don't have money for Windows.

    No, I have money for other things instead, because I didn't have to pay for my operating system.
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    @PerfectAsshole Cyanide works pretty darn well.
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    @ItsNotMyFault @RantSomeWhere My friends, Botulinum shall solve all. :P
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    Actually never had anyone spew some bullshit about me using Linux "cause I can't afford Windows". They just know that I know what the fuck I'm doing. I HAVE had someone spew bullshit about Linux tho, although it wasn't exactly negative, just fucking stupid. (posted a rant about it last week, dude called Linux itself a programming language)
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    Hating on a colleague in the way you described IS stupid, I'll give you that. But let's, just for arguments sake, change the wording of your post a little bit:

    Well, I guess all the Windows folks are going to know what I am talking about. Do you know this feeling (Yes, you know. Don't tell me anything.) when you use Windows and some guy uses Linux in your Work/School. And this person will come to you and say.

    Linux person : Oh! You use Windows. That's bullshit!

    Me : No it's not. It runs all my business applications and I can even play games on it on my lunchbreak.

    Linux person : No, Windows is bullshit you're just not smart enough to find alternatives for your apps or run your games through WINE. And Windows does that auto-updating sh*t.

    How is putting it like this less stupid in that sense? Yeah, sure, you prefer Linux, good on you, but hating on Windows users like that and calling them stupid does not help your case one bit. $0.02 and all.
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    @mksana I get the same looks as the OP about my Windows Phone.
    If someone uses something "less popular" than the rest, there's a chance someone else will criticise it.
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    @inaba yeah but I don't talk much about Linux to be honest. But I instantly get shitstorms. For using Linux.
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    @ravijojila that would be a dream
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    @mksana my apologies I was referring to the people actually not the windows users
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    @AliancerS This exactly, i personally literally refuse to use windows and I don't really bring that up but when we get to operating systems in conversations (yes, that subject is somehow discussed quite a lot in conversations I take part in) and its mentioned that I run Linux instead of windows or macos (especially the reasons are things that people find ridiculous in my case), all hell breaks loose.
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    @linuxxx I have to ask. What are your reasons for using Linux?
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    @infernalempress That's fine! Number one is that its open source. This is important as for freedom but in a day and age where (government based) hacking, zero day trading and mass surveillance is more 'normal' than ever, I'd feel highly uncomfortable working with a system of which the source code cannot be audited independently.

    Next to that, if the snowden leaks were right (and I believe their were), Microsoft and apple are both integrated within the biggest (government powered) mass surveillance network ever created. Then, the code of the systems they create isn't open so knowing the above as a 'fact', I've got absolutely no way of verifying if there's anything nasty in those systems (backdoors etc).

    I find it scary to use those systems privately, let alone in fucking production environments! (in my case datacenters etc).

    Apart from that, i want to own a system and thus be able to customize it to any extent I want. 'some people might now want/care about that' - you can also choose to not customise anything...
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    @linuxxx Plus there's the fact that if there's a bug in a program (or even the kernel itself), you can look at the code, fix it yourself if you know how, and submit the code to the main codebase.

    I actually use Linux for pretty much the same reasons, and I know different people use things for different reasons, so I was curious about your reasoning behind it.
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