Fuck any dev who thought playing sounds automatically on a webpage or on a mobile app without user's consent is a good feature. Especially when you don't even include a setting about it.

Yes I'm directly swearing at any devs from Instagram.

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    Haven't seen that since the early 2000 with the flash dev boom. What site?

    Also I don't do Instagram I didn't know they do that.
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    @JKyll woke up in the middle of the night (local time 3am) and browse Instagram app timeline. All video ads play automatically with sound the nano second they appear on the view. Almost woke the whole family up.

    It used to autoplay but in silent in past. They definitely updated it to be this way. Also don't see any setting to turn it off.
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    @cursee another reason not use it 🍻
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    Well I'm glad I just recently deleted my instagram account :D
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    @cursee don't use Instagram.
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    I never had instagram in a first place
    + i always have my phone in "shut the fuck up" mode.
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    @irene but then how will I stalk all those hot chicks :3
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    @cursee you don't 🤔
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    @irene no. I need :3
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    @cursee u no need. U have S 😂
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