Decided to try and remove everything google from my phone by using a root app uninstaller since my phone runs the stock rom.

Thought it would break my phone and was preparing for a recovery flash...

I now run a stock rom without anything Google 😍

Even signal works fine with a background websocket connection.

Google, unkindly go fuck yourself.

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    @irene Not this, I've never gotten rid of Google services on a stock rom!

    And this is the second new phone from last year ;)
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    @linuxxx You _think_ you've gotten rid of them ;)
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    @knurek123 same
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    Websocket ew. Firebase ftw
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    @zemaitis Firebase can go eat a stinky dick-sandwich.
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    @linuxxx Good job! Here's a little thing that might interest you: https://kickstarter.com/projects/...

    And here's another one to make you happy: https://xda-developers.com/google-p...

    @Condor The first link might interest you aswell!
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    @zemaitis doesn't firebase use websockets as transport? In the Browser it does, but i don't know about apps.
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    @Jilano neat! I'll consider backing this Kickstarter.

    One remark that I have though is that not every platform out there supports 2FA, let alone this particular flavor of it. For that reason I've been thinking about extending my Pass password database into a USB flash drive instead, maybe with some kind of HID support so that it can automatically type stuff out.. essentially badusb. Perhaps using an Arduino or an ATtiny85 would be more feasible though 🤔

    Point is, such a thing would be fully local and use the fancy stuff only inside of the stick, whereas this Kickstarter thingy relies on integration from remote content providers as well.. which can take a while. Passwords are bad for authentication but when it's just a long random string, suddenly you've got yourself a symmetric key scheme between client and server instead of a password. That's what I'm going for here...

    Anyway, that's just my 2 cents of course. Either way, this is a really nice project! Thanks for linking it 🙂
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    You won't get Signal notifications though. But still works.
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    I only remove shit from the Carrier, I do install shit that is only available on the play store.

    I would do this on a cheaper phone though... And if I convince people to stop using Whatsapp
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    @irene Nope, no microg or anything either.
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    @nbamaral I actually do :) they've got websocket support when Google services aren't installed ;)
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    @knurek123 @nett18 @irene The second that I don't actively have to block Google's services in order to not connect to any of their servers (web based tracking shit) AND the second they quit being integrated within the biggest government powered mass surveillance network in the entire goddamn world, I might consider not entirely hating google.
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    Hmm, that's new, good news then :)
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    @nbamaral It has existed for at least 1,5 years now!
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    * Overacting *
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    Running all the time on background?
    No thanks. I actually ranted about this in February.
    Anyway I dislike all this "partnering" with Google, Microsoft and all. Despite what Snowden said, I stop trusting it since Moxie sold the company to Twitter. Redphone/smssecure were great, Signal not so much.
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    @nbamaral Well yeah that's kinda needed to keep getting notifs... The alternative is Google play services 😬
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    You could’ve just installed a custom rom without gapps
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    @620hun Oh please let me know if you can find one for the Oukitel K10!

    I've been searching for fucking months.
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    @linuxxx never heard of it, but the third Google search result is about some XDA user finding spyware on it, so there’s that
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    @620hun Did scans myself but nothing yet. Also root firewall Internet blocking for anything that isn't white listed ;)
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