Most of the work we do is committed into various branches. Everything is merged into the master branch.

Colleague was on vacation. I was working on a bug that was fixed by him some time ago. All I had to do was find the commit and merge it into the relevant branch. I didn't know which branch to search so I just looked into master. Search all commits on master made by colleague.

All I see is:

"Merged into master"
"Merged into master"
"Merged into master"


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    Git should append all commit messages from the other branch.. unless that was not done on purpose.

    How did anyone not see that before?
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    @mundo03 I used git terminology because I wish it was git. It's Microsoft TFS.
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    @dfoianu no idea what that is. I hope it does not give you headaches
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    I suggest making pull requests and then use squash and merge. Also I hope you have a develop branch because just merging to master rspecially with no commits is a ticking bomb
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