Google Pay is about to support PayPal as virtual card (at least in Germany)
That's quite the finger to the local banks here
I like it

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    Why? Isn't PayPal fed through a bank account anyway?
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    I like it. Maybe i will actually use Google Pay just for this. I dont have credit card assigned to paypal so no info about my card there. Amazing stuff google.
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    @kamen indeed it is, however with each layer of abstraction away from their local banks, people start loosening their connections with them, because they can't provide what users want nowadays natively or in their own way.
    My local bank did indeed start to support somewhat mobile payments, but instead of implementing it in Android Pay, their tried to implement it themselves in their own app, which backfired quite a bit.
    Now you can just skip their shitty implementation and do it the sane way.
    Banks need to wake up and realize that they have to adopt to the new web. When I spend money online, or I pay via CC in a store, I want to look up my account and see these transactions immediately and not 3 days late, when they were booked. We're living in an evolved, digital time, where everything grows into working Realtime, but banks seem like they want to hold onto what they got forever.
    I know you can't just flip a switch with cooperations that size, but I sometimes feel like they don't even want to go anywhere near these things..
    I'm completely ignoring the privacy aspects here.
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    @Kimmax three days after? I can only see my Credit Card Transactions once in a month when they send them to me as a letter
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    In India, Google Pay is completely different. It uses UPI system. I'm not sure if this system exists outside India. You can only link your bank account (debit card) with it, you can't link your credit card. So PayPal in Google Pay is a long way to go for us.
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    @fthielen what country are you in? No way to get some sort of web access?
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    @Kimmax Germany. I have web access, but only for my debit card, not my credit card :/
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    @fthielen you should switch banks asap.
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    @Kimmax @fthielen it needs only so long because the ecb(european central bank needs to look at it. the swift system works in realtime.
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    @stop "Lastschrift" still takes 3 days to show up in my statements
    Also the ECP should step their game up then
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    @geryy I do also have a N26 Bank Account where I can see all of this in real time, but switching to it as my main bank account would be a lot of work
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    @Kimmax i dont remember it good, but it was already planned and afaik some banks implemented it already.
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