Having to use home PC because your office PC takes a millennia to train a classifier. Why not just work from home?

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    Mine is slow af. 5sec average for......opening a single tab in browser or
    3sec average to get cursor next line after enter.

    Not gonna talk about coding :-(

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    @edisonn University with limited departmental resources. It's the standard kit. I'm expected to hit deadlines, it's part of the research funding to do so. No budget for equipment and I'd rather be able to live. I do end up doing things whilst training though, so it's not a total loss.
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    Or if they insist you come into the office a more powerful machine will provide good ROI. Make your case to them. They should understand. Good luck. Let us know the outcome.
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    @edison my boss promised me a better laptop loooong ago

    :-( still 🐢
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