Wow, great pay! What an opportunity!
"Who wants a pint to help me out...?
I would like to find someone who is experienced in building & designing websites..." - dude in uni course FB group

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    To be fair, a pint is pretty expensive around here.
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    I'll do it for a dozen pints
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    I'll do it for a pint's weight in USD.
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    That pint must be made out of gold!
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    A British pint is 568ml, that's (assuming it's water, beer is obviously different depending on the beer but it's still mostly made up of water) 568g or 0.568kg in mass. To convert that to *weight*, measured in newtons, multiply by the acceleration due to gravity which is about 9.81m/s^2.

    So the weight of a pint is 5.57N. Which is actually not far off the price in £ in some London pubs.

    In America, you're getting screwed- your pint is only 473ml. In many European countries if you ask for a "pint" you'll get 500ml as a close round figure.

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