What's your favorite way to expose a SQL database? Or interface with it?

Using mysql workbench right now and it's a bit much for my users.

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    Umm on regular userrs? An API🤔
    Even on admin or staff users an API or management site but never ever direct access to it.
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    @JKyll I agree, but it's for internal use, there's no services connected to it, I don't want to write an API, and there's only a select few employees who need access. I do what I gotta do.
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    @deadPix3l In that case, don't use SQL but use something like contentful
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    @Edwin88 wish I could. Not my choice. The small boxes I work in.
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    Like what's the use case? Is it 1:1 reflection of tables? Like just actually CRUD?

    I mean, to think of it, almost all apps use DB too but they have an interface.

    I say, depend on the use case? Is the problem with workbench is it's too "ugly" or crowded? Then find another?
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    Torrent? 😇
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    Something like phpmyadmin?
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    @Edwin88 you have the best name!
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    @captainskippah yes, it's too crowded, and finding another was the point of the post.
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