The amount of podcast episodes I missed recently reached dangerous proportions.

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    Bush did it.
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    *tilts head*
    Didn't even think about 9/11. I was more about my podcatcher calling the police.

    But I like your take on it as well.
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    @Sefie "Oh.My.God! The police did 9/11!!" *runs away screaming*
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    I would just delete the app now.
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    @Cyanide Thing is: I really would like to listen to a lot of stuff on that long list ;)
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    @Sefie But you won't. So just do yourself a favour, delete the app. One less tension.
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    @Cyanide marked 200 podcast episodes as listened instead XD
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    @Sefie But... That's a lie! You can't lie to a company!
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    @Jilano I can and I will.

    Besides... if I recall correctly Instacast is out of development by now... Last update 11/2017.
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    Your top5 podcasts are? Any recommendations?
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    @marcom Most of those backlog-episodes are tech-podcasts like Coding Blocks, .NET Rocks!, Developer Tea, Hanselminutes and Software Engineering Radio.

    Lately felt kinda burnt out, so I stepped away from those in my leisure time and focused on German Kabaret (sarcastic comedy commentary on politics) by the radio stations WDR2 and NDR Info, the German retro gaming podcasts Spieleveteranen & Stay Forever and some of the podcasts by the guys from viertausendhertz.
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    @Sefie thanks for that recoms! I am German so they fit even better :) will give some of them a try.
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    @marcom in that case I would also recommend the podcasts of Alexander "Hoaxmaster" Waschkau: Hoaxilla, PsychoTalk & Glaubenssache. He's a psychologist, humanist, sceptic and pretty decent person. His stuff usually is long, but coming in less often, like 1-4 hours every 3-15 weeks and usually pretty deep.

    And as a technical geek and former law student I love "Rechtsbelehrung" a corporate lawyer and a tech journalist talk about jurisprudence in modern society, like e.g. Google Glass and Privacy or the repercussions and changes caused by the GDPR, or the question of liability in accidents involving autonomous cars.@marcom
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