Stuck in the car driving mum today...

She’s concerned about my little brother’s education and asks me “Is it okay to study I.T at University?”

I just turn and look at her like you’ve got to be kidding me. “Mum I’m studying I.T”

The conversation continues with:
What jobs are there in I.T?
What are you going to do with I.T?
You should become a teacher and I’ll open a tutoring centre for you!


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    Stump on the brakes *screech*
    Your face when your mom didn't notice you were studying for an IT career this whole time.
    Your face when your mom just noticed you are in university.
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    I know the feeling... I just wanted to jump under the truck / car or whatever passing beside me
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    Show her median salaries for software engineers. That'll fix it
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    Lol. I take it she’s not the bread winner then.
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    Maybe I'm the weird one here, but to me it sounded more like 'are the IT studies worth it?'
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    What is I(dot)T? :P
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    Interesting teacher :P
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    @janDo Incredible.Tits 🐦
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    @MrJimmy this, but as everything else it's hard to get there.
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    Smart woman. The IT industry is the worst curse you could wish upon someone
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