So apparently two "senior" "laravel-engineers" spent a total billed 35 hours trying to figure out a "critical bug" which "doesn't happen locally".

I went to the dev-console, saw it is generating http urls (fronted by cloudflare https, running on http server-side) and fixed that in maybe ~15 minutes, fucking morons.

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    Not morons, just human beings. That's why sometimes we need another set of eyes to look into something.

    Was that time a waste? well if they were masturbating and watching porn during that time, then yes. Otherwise, I'd add this as a lesson learned by them.

    I also hope you shared the solution/fix with everyone.
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    I don't believe your production log nothing.
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    @MrCSharp It was 4 eyes from two different and very well paid (not to mention 35 hours) senior developers and yes I've fixed it and billed it afterwards.
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    @MrCSharp tbh now that I think of it, morons might actually be too much credit, more fitting is con-artists.
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    Well... Morons or not but they got paid 35 times more than you, the non-moron, did 😀
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    It's never a great idea to make fun of someone for trying and not succeeding. It's possible they're good at something else and just didn't happen to figure this one out.

    Otherwise how would we be any different from those guys at stackoverflow
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    Being from the Magento Field, anyone that bills themselves as experts, or 'senior' or some other ego boosting bullshit title, usually is con artist.

    I see companies spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on code that makes me sick.

    I am not the best, I am barely mediocre, but I do way better than what these con artists have been able to make a racket out of.

    So I totally agree with you. 35 hours? definitely con-artists.
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    I've had to do the same type of thing a few times and it's frustrating. Not everyone debugs as efficiently as us and I'm sure there are others who can debug even quicker. The biggest problem i've seen is ignorance outside of the codebase. People who don't understand how servers or even the internet works lol. They don't understand nameservers, DNS, web servers, the request cycle, etc.
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    @netikras I like keeping good contacts, by essentially stealing you're only getting a quick buck now, but that client will never hire you again, those 35 hours billed can easily be out paid by one single project.

    @rsync I like how usually you and me sync up in our view of ourselves, it's better to learn a lifetime :)

    @Stebner55 that's what's really annoying/shocking, because sometimes I would try to pay other freelancers or even companies to share my work for a very good paying customer, but they would deliver such fucking bullshit I'd have to spend at least the same time re-writing it myself, it's seriously disappointing there's no proper vetting of people wielding the "senior" title.
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    @JoshBent Exactly why I was never able to grow my company. Can't trust devs. lol.
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