I need to make a confession. I wrote shell scripts that will automatically turn on my system and will download games and movies for me after office hours, using office internet

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    How does the shell script turn the computer on if the computer is turned off? 🤨

    It makes 0 sense 🤔
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    @HampusMa hmm my first thought was wake on lan but you're right if it's off how da fuck is it going to run the script to turn on
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    @PerfectAsshole Maybe using a external computer
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    That script was responsible for turning off the system, then turning it back on
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    @baig772 ??????
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    @HampusMa it was a shell script. That put my system on sleep for 1 hour daily at 6 and then start the downloading when it turns on. Then on complete, shutdown the system
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    @baig772 Oooooh. Now i understand
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    So a script keeps running *after* a computer has been put to sleep? Is it really sleeping then? Wtf?
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    Sleep is only the cousin of death.


    sleep !== off
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    U can do it.
    Change setting in bios
    *Auto start pc * keyword
    Once pc start ,auto run script
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