Is it just me, or are there any other devs, that just can't get going with python?
Every time, I try to do something, that is supposed to be simple, the language be like, "Bitch, hold on. I know I'm supposed to be the most simple language there is, but here I am again, to fuck you over. Your welcome.".
According to my friends, its actually just me.

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    Its just you...
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    Huh. For me Python is the one language where that doesn't happen. It just works.

    The only exception is the inability of Python to concatenate numbers and strings without explicit casting. I find that strange considering it usually doesn't give a shit about types.
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    Prolly just you 🤔
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    @deadlyRants eh? Python do give a shit about types. It does not care that the variable name refers always to the same type but does not do any implicit casting unless you specify the way to cast.
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    As a colleague says: you can't trust the snake!
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    @halfflat But you can trust the snake though. Python is both easy and reliable.
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    @halfflat trust the SNEK!!!
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    @metamourge Could you provide an example? I'm curious about what kinds of things it's screwing you over with.
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    What crazy thing did you do to python that it won’t work?
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    @deadlyRants what about encoding issues 😑😑
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    Only some normal stuff, like marshal an object to JSON.
    No matter what I do, it always outputs "object isn't json serializable".
    I also didn't find a solution in the Documentation.
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    @metamourge use PTON 🙃
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    @metamourge The json module only knows how to serialize certain builtin types, it can't serialize any object instance out of the box.

    This article explains it well: https://realpython.com/python-json/
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    i just find python to be really boring 😞😞
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    @Electrux eh... What language is exiting and why?
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    @irene c++ is exciting due to how much one can do with it... and it's fun to use soooooooooo many language features and language not helping us 🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁😁
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    @Electrux LMAO 😂

    I do c++ 😐
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    I felt that way initially when modifying a Django project. More recently when I've had to work on it again running through the flow of data it makes a lot more sense. I'm quite impressed by the scope of he autogenerated admin backend.
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