Right now I need to fix 10 years old php code handling data sets coming from a database. Normally I work mostly on C#.

God, do I miss LINQ!

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    Laravel has nice tools for that. You can include it outside laravel as well.
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    @Codex404 In a symfony 1.4 project? On php 5.3?
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    @Sefie I'm pretty sure you can yeah
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    @Codex404 sounds nice. I should look into it. You don't happen to have a link handy to jump start my search?
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    @Sefie nope, when I did it I extracted the packages I needed manually
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    You mean you miss Lambdas?! ;)
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    @desirous I mean I miss someArray.Union(someOtherArray).Select(foo).Where(bar)
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    @Jordanbelfort the layout itself is not the issue. 10 year old propel not being able to join 3 tables over 2 columns each without plain SQL was the problem.
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