University tells me that I have to indent 4 spaces... If I use anything else I get disqualified...

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    Lol what why would they enforce that? I mean indentation is important, but insisting on 4 spaces? I'd just convert all spaces to tabs and set tab width to 2 but still...
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    Louigi is for the little brother 🙄🤪
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    Different projects different styling.

    I've worked on projects that used anywhere from 1 to 8 spaces.
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    I once worked on a project that had negative indentation. Like

    Do something
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    Isn't Luigi more on point for enterprise settings than Mario?

    >if it complies [to the guidelines]
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    Bro, just setup the IDE to put spaces when you Tab, problem solved and a big fuck you to forceful code formatting
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    Lettii be spaghetti
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