Can you imagine 24h without internet everywhere in the world ?

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    Sounds quite relaxing.
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    @Root Kind of.

    I went about 17 hours without cell service or internet a few weeks ago. (hurricane knocked some of the cell towers out)

    While I found myself a bit relaxed and checked it minimally during this time, I did freak me out a bit being unable to communicate with anyone under the circumstances.
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    @Stuxnet Agreed, that would bother me a little.

    Everyone I need to talk to is under the same roof, though, so it really just sounds like a nice relaxing day.
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    @Root All my friends live a solid half hour away from me, and I was just trying keep in touch with them during the storm to make sure everything is good.

    For the most part, yea. But there was a slight level of unrest during that time.

    (It wasn't that peaceful lmao. It was hot as shit and I was busy cleaning the yard full or fallen tree limbs and shit lol)
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    That was how I lived prior to 1999; no worries.
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    If the whole world didn't have internet aside from payment processing for businesses, I think it would be nice. Maybe make it a monthly thing.
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    Afterlife. So either a heaven or a hell depends on what you like to do 😛
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    @hexc Exactly. A monthly "purge" where everyone addicted to social media dies.
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    Or 12 hours. And it will end at 7:00pm
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    I'll finally read a book
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    I don't have to imagine it, lived most of my life like that
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    Can still function as usual but will struggle if without electricity
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