I have an idea and I want some feedback.

I'm the only web developer and I've been updating our systems so they can be maintainable. Previously we have used Wordpress for landing pages which is complete overkill So here's the idea:

Static sites for landing pages and any forms that would need to filled out would be on a separate site.

Ok so here me out. First the landing pages barely need any maintenance so using pure HTML/CSS/JS wouldn't be a problem. This means I can strip away all of the crap from Wordpress and make the load times faster. Second all of the landing pages forms would be hosted in a single place making analytics easier for the reporting system.

Really I just despise Wordpress and am trying any practical reason to not use it as much as possible. Oh and don't worry I'll use preprocessors and minify the production files.

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    good idea, have a look at vuepress a static site generator.

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    good idea as long as technical guy work on it. The moment content manager/creator comes in picture you may need to move to some CMS
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    I'd go even further than the landing page and make anything that is static by nature also static by technology. All the info, about, product brochure pages, FAQ and shit.

    Plus that you don't need WP for forms either. The main thing where WP comes in handy is if you have a blog that is well maintained and enjoys new content frequently.

    @OPM46 that's also possible without WP, using static site generators like say Hugo with markdown.
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    @Fast-Nop for that you have to teach non-tech people. Which will be like asking for curse from your boss and other department.
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    @OPM46 you have to teach them handling WP, too. CMS were sold en masse 10 years ago, claiming non-tech folks could update the content. Reality is, they still can't, but now the tech folks have also all the vulnerabilities, updates and breaking themes/plugins to take care of. And shit is slower than before.
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    well, it is all about preferences. I don't like anyone poking me every-time why his content is not align as he want too.

    I prefer to give the tool and back-off.

    Still in my whole carrier companies prefer word-press for any blog activity. They create this another subdomain and host their content on word-press.
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    @heyheni heyy that's really nice
    @Fast-Nop this
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