Lol why not.

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    Not that simple at all actually. You still need motors hotend and whole looot of stuff to get it print something.
  • 36
    @Haxk20 Don't overthink a joke.
  • 10
    @Haxk20 dont be the akhually technically obviously guy
  • 5
    @Stebner55 Nah i get the joke. How about you take my comment as a joke too ? The way it was supposed to be meant.
  • 4
    Yeah, most likely by the time you print all the parts for it you'd have long surpassed the return policy. Good luck assembling everything btw.
  • 2
    That’s why they named a printer line ‘RepRap’
  • 2
    ***von Neumman machines intensifies***
  • 3
    I thought the joke was the message from the Illuminati
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    A friend of mine got one and then he printed some parts that better the precision etc. of that printer. Pretty cool stuff.
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    I will to download a car
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