Oh my GOD!!! 😡i cant believe it !! Wtf ?! Why Why :/ ?!

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    `this is also
    a multi line string.
    this string doesn't give two
    shits about converting
    a function
    into a string.`
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    I hope that dude was joking because that's the most stupid thing I ever saw...
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    That's fucking awesome.
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    @gitpush I tried it and it's real
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    getting AIDS is easy
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    @balte Not with ES5.
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    I'm disgusted and amazed at the same time.
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    Functional driven commenting.
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    @orseji that killed me
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    js lovers gonna (--) :))
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    makes config files totally redundant before the build
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    And then wondering why the minified version doesn't work.
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    python, we are looking at you...
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    This is why I fucking love JavaScript. Why would you ever want to do that? Nobody would ever need to do that. You can still do it.
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    What do you expect when you convert a function to a string? Why should this feature return a different content than one would expect?
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    It's actually kind of brilliant when you think about it.
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    This feature might not be appropriate for every situation of course. But I can imagine that one could use that for analytic purpose or even self-modifying code. I just think it's great what possibilities you have with this language.

    The downside is of course over use in inappropriate fields. But that's not the language's fault.
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    @McSebi what makes the language shit is that the string isn't unambigously marked as string. In C, you would enclose a string in ", and it would be clear what's a comment and what isn't.
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    Probably an answer to "Why humanity failed?", isn't it?
    I just wonder why it isn't accepted.
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