I came to the conclusion that 1D can (as in "It IS, but it being only the case when you apply the following") also be 4D, 3D, ..., nD, if you have e.g. a vector with only one element, which can be any number, inside and add more and more elements into this vector with a bunch of zeros.

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    Coming to think of that...
    Paranormal things such as "ghosts" can perhaps be explained as each one of them being a 4D object that can individually change one of its vector elements to 0 to be visible to the human eye.

    Thus making them live on the visible fourth layer. Since dogs might "sense" such paranormal things according to myths (I am not sure here. Just making an assumption since we are still talking about myths). Dogs probably live in 3D as well as in the 4D world.

    Or what if they can delete or add vector members? Hmmm
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    A non self intersecting curve in an n-dimentional space is a 1-dimentional subspace.

    I hope I blew your mind 😏
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    Take a cube, 3d object, and observe it's one side. You fully see a squre, not a gost of a square.

    Curves can also be multidimensional.

    Sorry,vI couldn't not comment.
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    @irene makes sense from a theoretical pov, but it is indeed hard to imagine it lol
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- you can select any point on a curve and a direction along the line which is positive. Then you can define any other point on that curve by a signed distance from the pivot point along the curve.

    Basically any non intersecting curve is topologically exact same as a straight line.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- it's fairly basic maths and physics. Also, a 4th "flat" dimension (is not tightly curled up on itself) wouldn't allow for stable particles and forces as we observe them
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    A vector is 1-d by virtue of it being a member of a particular set (viz. a 1-d vector space).

    You can embed a 1-d vector space in a higher dimensional one, but that embedding is not unique!

    By implicitly regarding this 1-d vector as a k-d vector by zero extension, one is privileging a particular set of embeddings: whether this is reasonable or not really depends upon the context.
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