Everyone in my company prefers solving git issues rather than `rm -rf` & `git clone`

Feels like I'm working with a team of geniuses. 😂

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    Or maybe they have too much free time to spare 🤔
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    Only time I’ve had to delete and reclone was when Git became corrupted and couldn’t track changes.

    Gits not that complicated...
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    @C0D4 same here I once fucked up something and git stopped working for my project, that's when I had to reclone
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    @gitpush I know right. I’m no “pro” of Git but I really don’t understand people’s problems with it sometimes.

    Oh, I think I’m having a merge conflict with your avatar.
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    @C0D4 hahaha lets keep our avatar branches separate
    As for git the only headache I used to get was with merging conflicts, but IDE/VS Code have advanced tools now and no more headaches
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    @gitpush i do enjoy vsCode’s conflict resolution. Click accept and save and away you go 😎
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    @C0D4 yup best thing I saw so far
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    Team of geniuses for using a tool in the way it was written, huh? The bar seems kinda low where you live.
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    @piehole ever heard of the word sarcasm? :P
    Even I, always solve issues... Because if there is something wrong, it will happen only when you have code that hasn't been pushed yet, I wouldn't want to lose it.
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    Or maybe they have a real problem like having committed a file that's larger than the server side hook allows... This let me introduce interactive rebase to everyone ^^
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    It’s called being lazy. Faster to copy files, rm, clone and copy back the to understand git. We got them idiots too.
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    Fwiw, I used to be in the "sod it, drop and reclone" camp - but it's definitely worth taking the time to learn git properly. You may find yourself using features you never knew existed on a daily basis if you do (feature branches, local commit history rewriting etc. is incredibly useful and powerful if you're comfortable with it.)
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