Dear fanboys (and probably past and I hope not future me),

Just because I use alternative product doesn’t mean you can attack me personally. And because you use some service/product doesn’t mean it’s automatically fitting for all people or it’s perfect and doesn’t have any cons.
Just because you use X thing and you’re happy with it (which is perfectly OK), doesn’t mean I can’t be perfectly happy with Y thing.
Imagine if only legal haircut was yours favorite. Wouldn’t be that boring if everyone wore exact same haircut? That’s like some 1984 shit.
I’m not saying that criticizing things is bad - it’s great actually, but in civilized way.
Don’t attack a person using something and automatically assume that they are an idiots, but rather point out why that something is bad.

And please, be different. If you’re happy with that phone which you use, don’t go buy a new one just because someone told you that your current one is bad without pointing out why.


No one is gonna care anyways...

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    OMG yeeeessss, I fucking hate this mentality too. « ewww you use <whatever>, you’re so stupid, look at me I am so much better than everybody »
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    @GarreauArthur So basically @themajorityoflinuxusers lol
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    @Stuxnet that sounds about right
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    @AleCx04 The level of mental superiority that radiants when a group of them gathers usually reaches dangerous levels lol
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    I'd be the one who comes with 20K arguments instead of just saying it's bad ;P
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    Yea, leave JSPs alone! I don't want your fancy JS frameworks! /cries in Java/
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    @irene Please give me an example?
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    Task a dozen independent developers with creating a solution and you'll get 10 working solutions and they'll all claim theirs is "best" is some way or another.

    Same goes for tools, libraries, etc

    Ignore the drama and does what you feel is best for your application
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