I was a midweight dev acting as a lead dev on the frontend development of a project. I had already built most of it, it was all vanilla JavaScript, had no jQuery, the code was simple, fast, and small. Then I went on holiday and the company put a senior lead on the project to carry out remaining work while I was away.

When I came back, there was a bug in the age gate page and I started to investigate. I then noticed that the asshole added jQuery to the code just to select the country and date of birth input fields. That idiot, a senior lead dev earning more than twice what I earned, didn’t know how to select some elements on a page! I nearly lost my temper when I saw the added bloat.

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    I find your post very arrogant and not empathetic. You call your colleague idiot and asshole over a code. He probably did his best to finished your project. You know what, we are all idiot in some degree. Based on what I've read, you're the kind of guy that I don't want to work with.

    Sorry for my english.
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    @cleancoder he is totally right. If it had been an inexperienced junior who did that shit, that would have been different. But a fucking SENIOR LEAD dev with high salary MUST know better, or else he isn't worth his bloody money.
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    Yes, the world is unfair guys, a very talented mid-level dev is earning only half of what this idiot senior dev is making. That's a perfect formula for depression.
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    Sadly, many frontend devs (senior or otherwise) add jQuery as the first thing they ever do on a front end project. The notion that you might *not* want to add it doesn't even register to them as a possibility.
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    @cleancoder time to change ur company, find a job where u can work as senion ... it‘s ur call
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    The only really cool thing I liked about jquery was the selector engine and Ajax handling. It just made that all so easy.
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    @cleancoder I would expect that you (with your nickname) would understand how frustrating it is when you’ve created something small, fast with clean code and someone fucks it up by adding unnecessary bloatware.
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