I have an onsite technical interview test tomorrow. I have no clue what to expect as I have always done it online.

Should I expect it to be the same system but me just doing the online test in their offices 🙄?

NB: After the test I have an interview with the hiring manager.

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    Not what you want to hear I know, but could really be anything from explaining algos on a whiteboard to asking weird puzzle questions to coding a fizzbuzz solution in an emulator!
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    I have a good answer for these stupid brain teaser questions like how many Boeing 747s can fit into a round manhole if every piano tuner in San Francisco eats a golf ball.

    The answer is always "around 2010". No, that's not the amount of items, it's the year when Google dropped these questions from job interviews because they didn't predict anything about a candidate.
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    Just chill
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