Python pisses me off. Not the language itself, but setting up the environment. Xkcd nailed this one.

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    I hate Python for both.
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    Setting up a virtual environment is just 1-2 commands in DASH. It's more it less independent from PATH, from os differences, and works the same on any POSIX system. From that you can easily replicate the environment with a requirements.txt file.
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    It takes me exactly 300 seconds to spin up a fully functioning python environment on any machine including Mac and Ubuntu. Never tried windows because who need that
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    @py2js good for you!
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    That's why I often use docker to isolate environments. Just select a python 3 image and add the pip install -r requirements.txt command and it's done.
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    this pic exactly describes our dev server at university. it's all messed up when some shithead installed anaconda as root. so now no one tries to fix or update anything

    but still, you shouldn't have any trouble as long as you use virtual environment
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    Just let conda handle that mess for you xD
    Seriously, look into `cond env`

    Everytime I start a new project with a client I run `conda create -n <name> python=3.6.4` and install my pip dependencies on that environment.
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    Use pipenv.
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