DuckDuckGo may be great for not tracking you, however it sometimes lacks the "smarts" of Google....

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    Hey, SEO expert and duck lover here. I thought I'd shed some light on this situation since it has proven to be quite confusing for the average consumer in the past. Just a disclaimer though: the issue is highly technical in nature and involves geography, calculus, and both bits & bytes.

    So, judging by your problem it's safe to assume that the search originated from Australia. Well... Google can handle Australian searches since they have data centers there which means that the results can be served up right away, ensuring low latency and correct endianness etc. But, in your case the bits from DDG's server (located on the _other_ side of the world) will arrive upside down - thus reversing the order of your search results, making the most relevant results appear last. To fix this, try flipping your monitor upside down or reciting Men at Work - Down Under in its entirely before committing each search.

    hope this helped m8!
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    I might be wrong, but I do believe you're limiting your search results to only Australian sites/data hosted in Australia
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    I get much better results when I do the same search without a region restriction
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    If your are looking for software then add software key word. Dead simple ;)
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