What's the most efficient motor driver for a small DC motor that I want to run off a 5V source for aurdino?

I previously had a L293D and it was inefficient as fuck, it got so hot that almost burnt my finger, (ran it from a 12V supply) and it dropped a good 2 volts from power supply to motor.

Is there a good enough off the shelf driver or do I have to make a H-bridge myself using MOFSETs?

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    how small the motor ? is there any known inductance?
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    @wowotek It's the one in this link:

    And no, I don't know the inductance.
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    is power from the arduino is enough? i think you need a different source of power instead of directly tapping into arduino.
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    H-Bridge is good enough for small application tho. and it's not too hard to make. i would recommend seeing 'Afrotechmods' youtube channel and 'GreatScott' to make DIY H-Bridge
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    @wowotek No, aurdino has a 40mA limit on its pins, that's only good enough for low power LEDs, not my motor lol.

    I think a TB6612FNG (something I just found) would be good for me.
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    Wird, can't get my L293D to get very hot, when it does I solder one of top of another...
    I also say L298N h-Bridge, it's like 1.5€ from aliexpress. (can handle 1300 mha on each exit while L293D has 600mha.
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