Hello there devranters, long time no see
I have a question for all the computer scientists and students out there. Do you have book recommendations especially for the maths part? I'm in the process of buying some books, they're very expensive but if I'm going to buy they might as well be useful books.

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    What topics are you looking for?
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    well... I have some but they are in Czech
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    @Wack something to help me with the maths part? Like differential equations and numerical algorithms
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    @theNox you speak German, correct? If so I'd reccommend: https://swissbib.ch/Record/...
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    @Wack thanks for the recommendation I'll look into it
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    I had to get Mathematics for 3D programming (I'm not sure if its really called that I will check) its a great book.

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    For the more "computerish" mathematics (discrete stuff) I can heartily recommend Knuth's Concrete Mathematics, it's a wonderful and very practical book (not so simple though).

    For differential equations, Elementary Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems by Boyce and DiPrima is a fantastic book.

    For calculus, Thomas and Finney's book.

    For probability, I liked Sheldon Ross' books.

    For basic abstract algebra, Herstein's Topics in Algebra.

    For Linear Algebra, Strang's book.

    For a largeish book that provides a decent view of a lot of different topics, Kreyszig's Advanced Engineering Mathematics.

    There are also many online resources for learning mathematics, you may want to consider those before investing in a book.
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    @RememberMe woah that's a lot, yeah I've been using online ressources until now, but I kind of want a proper book now
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