I worked as a sysadmin. I was taking over a position from another, who’d stop 2 weeks after I started, so he introduced me to everything in those days.

In the company we were 2 people (3 the first 2 weeks) managing servers. When rebooting windows servers and windows asked for a reason for rebooting, he told me that he always wrote -.- while the other guy wrote .-. so they could recognize who rebooted the server

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    I laughed way too hard at this...

    TBH most of the time, if I hit shutdown, and it so much as delays for a moment, much less prompts me, then you're getting a hard reset. * "Accidentally" holds power button down for 5 full seconds* did I do that, my bad. Darn...

    And this is why I'm not allowed to administer any thing windows. The fragile bastard. Can't even handle a power cycle.
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    @deadPix3l There's a reason it doesn't like power cycles (hard reset): There may be pending file writes of which the data is still in RAM. Resetting will purge that data.
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    @PonySlaystation I get that. And the same would apply for Linux. But for some reason Linux boots like nothing happened and windows goes into full on panic mode, asks about safe mode, tries to fix the file system, sometimes BSODs.

    Just boot dammit, Linux didn't care at all, it's fine!
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