Is Ubuntu subsystem for Linux any good? I'm still unable to have a stable Linux install so I thought I would use it because I'm just so used to Linux.

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    No, not really.
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    Windows subsystem for Linux, you mean
    Yes, it's decent. Terrible IO performance, but otherwise, works as advertised.

    If you're having trouble with hardware on Linux then try going for a well supported distro like Ubuntu and do whatever extra crap you want in a container/VM.
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    I like the Linux Subsystem, but as @RememberMe said, VM's is also a possibility 😊
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    No, not for anything other than just playing around with the terminal, for which there are many other emulator tools. Its horribly inefficient for anything big.
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    It's pretty damn stable for the python maintenance I have to do. The most complex thing I do is run an automated WebKit engine in WSL.
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    Why? Would you elaborate?
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    @trippyturtle wsl isn't Linux. It's just a bunch of libraries that translate a Linux command into something windows is able to do. The added layer makes it slow
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