Over the last year, I’ve only started learning computer science at uni, never done it before.

I’ve done units in:
- Alg. and programming fundamentals in python
- Intro to comp sci
- alg. and data structures
- theory of computation

Guess the point of this is, “why do people code, what aspirations do you all have?”
Cause rn, I’m all about “I have no idea what I’m doing, coding just seemed cool and I wanted to try it out.” Don’t know where to go

Someone inspire me???
Here is a legit reason for you to brag about what you do and what you’re going to do 😉

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    I code just to show off to my coding friend how good I am
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    @devTea haha only time I get the
    Is from my non coding friends who look at me when I type $ls into the command
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    Programming is not only a technical job. You need to be kind of an artist too! How elegant can you solve the problem? How can you approach the task to minimize space usage in RAM & storage and also maximize application speed? How can you design the GUI in a way the user knows intuitive what to do?
    Whether you are just in the job to solve tricky problems (like me) or you want to "build something by hand". We all have the same passion and have mostly the same mindset which makes our community so special and loved by those who are in!
    We can't make you love something. It's like finding the right partner. Join or create a project with some people and find out if you like it or not :)
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    I wouldn’t say that I particularly like solving problems. However, I LOVE solving problems that bring some sort of value to the user (me or client). It brings me great pleasure every time. Gives me all the appreciation and acknowledgement I need. Computer programming helps me achieve this and I love how it (almost) always gives me INSTANT feedback if I fucked something up or if I succeeded with what was set out to accomplish.
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    @devTea this is exactly why i into BASIC programming in C64 first time. and now i forget about it and carry on instead 😂😂😂
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    @wowotek #feelsgoodman
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    @devTea #feelslikeeinsteinsta
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    @Asbetha Hear, hear! I consider myself an artist more than an artisan.

    Originally I had to learn BASIC to be allowed to use my parents computer when I was a kid. For gaming of course. 😉

    I then fell in love with programming, and now it's simple:
    * There is something I want/need but doesn't exist? No problem, I create it.
    * Something I use has a bug? No problem, I fix it.

    Simple, eh? 😎
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    I'm just all about that dopamine from making a clever thing. It's the same satisfaction I remember from making a clean and efficient line in transport tycoon.

    Other than that, I've had a lot of filler jobs in the past and it was soul crushing to me to spend 8 hours a day just "doing" something without goal or growth.

    I can't imagine any other job that would make me lie in bed on sunday evening looking forward to tomorrow so I can maybe try out some ideas on that thing I'm currently working on.
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    Hahaha quite opposite story from me, so don't be like me!
    I was lazy, picking between studying IT and english (two things I liked & thought studying would be easy). Chose IT because studying english doesn't make you employable here + you have all the docs in english, so it should be a win win. 😂

    P.S. not a people person, so now I cannot imagine doing anything else..
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    @Hubot-0x58 reading this is so wholesome and inspiring
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    I always loved computer. My first computer was on windows 3.1 (it sucked). I was introduced to coding by curiosity. I just liked the way it enable me to get creative with using logic. It make you more powerful with a computer, enable me to do things more effectively with computers (that i love :) ) .

    But i don't study in computer science, i'm self taught. But either way, it's just important in life to do what you love. I personally don't think University is the best place to get that sweet love.
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    Well, I learned to code when I was a kid cos my parents wouldn't buy me a NES, but they did get hold of an old ZX Spectrum. and in those days you literally had to make our own fun.

    These days, I just do it for the money and dim sense of control it gives me over the world around me.... but mostly the money.
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