Dev sent out a code review request.
I take about an hour, ask questions, make suggestions, general feedback, etc.

Today I noticed none of my questions were answered, developer closed the review, and the code merged into the production branch.

So I email him, asking him why the review was closed and why none of my concerns were addressed before merging to production.

Dev: "No one responded or left feedback, so I thought it was OK to merge up."
Me: "I reviewed and left feedback within the hour you sent the request."
Dev: "Oh yea...you did. Sorry. The code is already in production, but if you still want to leave feedback, create a work item, and I'll take a look."

No you won't.

An example of the code...The dev added an async method to a test harness *console app*. Why? .. check in comment was "Improves performance and enhances the developer experience.."

OK..that's off my chest. No one is getting punched in the face today.

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    The developer. We're not a dictatorship. Devs are accountable, but the company doesn't really care just as long as the code works.

    And this just happened. Dev removed the '.Test' from the unit test project namespace. Weird, because he had to go to all the other classes in the project, remove the .Test in the namespace.

    When I asked why he responded..

    "Unit test namespaces should match the assembly they're testing. I don't want to descend into a religious discussion about it."
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    @PaperTrail Irene made a good point. Having a proper workflow is not the same as a dictatorship. Time for your company to improve the coding workflow.

    Improving an individual is harder to accomplish 🤔
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    @cursee "But not having standards gives us the creative freedom to solve problems our way!" /S
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    @cursee People often forget that structure (or constraints or rules or laws or whatever else you want to call a framework which can be used to guide behavior) actually provides the freedom to have good, useful solutions rather than disorganized chaos. True freedom has limits, because limitless "freedom" self destructs.
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    @powerfulparadox I cannot agree more.

    Telling a person do whatever you want will give you nothing.

    Telling a person do your best in this constraints and you will see creativity.
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