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    Taking future proofing to the next level
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    πŸ€”his not wrong.... but you and the next guy looking after that won't be around to see it.
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    @C0D4 after human extinction, when some Alien come down to earth and take a look at this commit he probably think humans are useless.
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    and now - the real code review:
    Why, The, *FUCK*, Do, You, Need, A, Const, For, Number, Of, Days, In, A, Month?

    this smells like a reinvention of the wheel. but in a new and exiting square shape this time.
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    31 is wrong anyway.

    The right value is 30.4375. And it's just as useless as 31.
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    You must be using the APIs provided by our solar system for getting the days in a month

    Also, if you are planning for long term, look at the v3 API docs of the Milky way... That will be safe even after 5 bn years

    Long term thinking you see
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    @magicMirror bcz just a number doesn't tell what it is hence const to improve readability.
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    just hook up a solar system simulation
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    There's no npm package for that yet?
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    @xsid I missed your comment.
    I will say this again:
    Why, Do, You, Need, The, Fuken, Days, Number, Const, Var, Int, String, Or, Any, Other, Form?
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    @magicMirror did it occurred to you that you are a csv guy
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    @xsid what? the extra use of commas? well.... maybe.
    I prefer newline delmited cursing though.
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