I will never work in an open floor plan environment again.

The average salary is 6 figures and they can't even spring for sound deadening material on the concrete walls, nevermind cubicles.

Nothing says "I don't value your contribution to our product" quite like treating your engineers like cattle.

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    Average salary is 6 figures and you are complaining? Put headphones in.
    1st world problems.....
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    I personally hate open spaces too. But most employers don't do it for the cost savings. They're supposed to be foster collaboration. But personally I think it's so they can keep an eye on you
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    @devshopmike Uhh, no. We had a db meter going around and apparently my work area is right on the edge of violating OSHA hearing safety limits for office environments...
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    We have "collaborative" seating, and they pump white noise out of speakers to counter the normal hum of daily work and chit chat. A good set of headphones always comes in handy.
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