Just bought a sound muffler recommended for a firing range, so I can focus while I work.

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    You should get the ballistic eyewear and have a big gym bag next to your seat .... I dirty double dog dare anyone to even start messing with you.

    You might end up having a word or a few with the buildings security team tho....
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    Get small bt earpieces (the round ones that fit inside) and you have a sound prof headphone speakers
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    That's how I lissen to music while operating machines
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    @GyroGearloose an interesting idea I've seen is where someone just took apart a headset and industrial grade noise canceling ear protection and made it into a noise cancelling headset.
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    @theKarlisK yes, I did the same, you unglue the rubber part and pass the wires under it.
    BT is 200 times better.
    I used only a normal one sided bt headset because I wanted to be able to hear the Machine, but for the opposite, twice stereo headset that fits exactly inside, get two sets and you can even have one charging while using the other.
    Ps. Music with sould canceling should be set to low or to you get deft fast
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    Instead of buying the headphones from a gun range, buy a gun. Much more effective
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    @zacg no, please don't tell I'm that. Soon all companies must have private military security looking at the devs
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