*Me explaining how to use npm to my colleague (senior dev)*

M: So from the command line you just need to move to the directory with the package.json first

C: Uhm right
C: *types ‘move dir’*

M: Aight just give me the keyboard

How does a senior developer not know how to use cd in a command line?

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    I know few seniors that are not using console in their dev env at all. I mean, why would they, when 99% of the time you can get your ide/external gui tools do the thing with a click of a button.

    On the other hand, basic controls should be known especially if you work on UNIX env and not windows :)
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    @potata why ? For the remaining 1% ???
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    @GarreauArthur that 1% can Seriously be just an exception where a single command can be only triggered by console (mostly instructions has the required commands )
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    unknown command 'move'
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