New kid came to me in my break (while I was playing LoL) saying I should start coding (he had no clue what my role within the company is).
Said that if I won't get a career in league, I could just (as if it's done in a few minutes) learn coding and make a website with thousands of users (as if that is just done like 1 2 3).
Then with a big grin on his face he proceeded to say "if you ever have some issues with making websites, I could just come to him and he can teach me the basics of Javascript, HTML, CSS and PHP".
So I said: "and who are you?"
He told me his name and what he is going to do within the company.
So I said with a big grin on my face: "Ah, so you're the new kid the boss told me about, nice to meet you, from today on, I'll be your Senior."
I then saw his big grin disappear
then with a big smile on my face I proceeded to say: "If you ever have some issues, please come to see me and I'll be happy to teach you the basics of Javascript, HTML, PHP and CSS"

Then he walked away :^)

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    Thats one way to make an impression
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    @EldrichWeb indeed :)
    guess the guy never will have a big mouth to me again :p
    He thought I didn't code because he saw my work laying on my desk (which was just some finance stuff from the project I'm working on)
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    @FinlayDaG33k I guess he judged the book by the cover haha
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    Poor kid..served him right though..first lesson learned I hope xD
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    Pwned on the first day? Wow, hahaha
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    @sladuled hope so :p

    @Pointer ikr xD

    Well, guess that's what you get for having your ego up so high against people you don't know
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    Shame man.... poor kid. I can imagine the awkward feeling he gets when he sees you.
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    @Banele Luckily, I have a reputation for having no hard feelings at my work so :p

    What happened today won't affect the working relationship in my eyes (if he comes up with a question, I will just help him like I would help any other)
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    @FinlayDaG33k in that case then, he shall flourish under your wings.
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    What a shmug 🤣🤣
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    This is the best thing I’ve heard in a while 😂
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    should've said "I'll explain the source code of those languages". too far?
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    @Banele I would've said "oh that'd be delightful"
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    Most hilarious thing I've read in a while :D
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    @zickig I used to do video editting for the company so they had to give me a decent workstation there...
    not gonna do that shit on the core2duo's the others run you know...
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    I like your cool, swaggy attitude.
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    @Cyanide I just like being straight to the point :)
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    @lunorian I'll teach him PHP :p
    it's easier to build websites with it :p
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    Poor kid. Finally gets back home and opens DevRant to rant his heart out... and sees this on the front page.
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    @lunorian While I do agree that it's an easy-ish language, the problem is that most of our customers run their sites on generic webhosts where NodeJS support is only available if you rent a VPS.
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    @lunorian like the people we build the sites for know what heroku is or are able to maintain it xD
    all we do is build the sites, zip them up and deliver them.
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    @lunorian so not ours :^)

    I have other DevOps matters to attent to lmao
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    Crashed before he can even run
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    What an asshole haha
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    @MrQuaker ikr :)

    luckily he behaves now :^)
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    wholesome rant
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