I'm a simple developer.. Now wtf is docker...

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    Like a virtual machine with isolated resources but not the full machine. Instead, you have compartmentalized containers that run images of software that run on any operating system with all its dependencies packaged in.

    All that means you can start and stop docker containers as services (running a MySql database, mongo db, apache web server, custom API service or program in whatever language you want, etc) that each run the exact same no matter which operating system is being used.

    It gets way more complex than that description. It's a beautiful thing.
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    The short form of what @duckWit is saying is, with docker you can "package" your whole app's environment into a container so when someone else wants to run your code, it works in that container, in the same environment that you set it to work, so there'll be nothing like "it works on my machine but doesn't on yours".
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    If it's so easy to explain, why so complicated to setup?
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    If you start using docker, you will be even simpler developer (:

    Then you can say:
    "It works on m̶y̶ ̶m̶a̶c̶h̶i̶n̶e̶ docker"
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    So in other words its just like a virtual environment! Right?
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    @TRex yes, but in a system where you can mix and match your virtual env so it only contains what you need it to contain, without any bloat...
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    Just apply the rule every person who has worked in the IT industry ask their client to apply:


    There are lots of youtube videos, blogs articles, etc... And for once the docker documentation is mostly clean and useful.

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    but the sad thing is that docker still requires as much memory as a virtual machine.....
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    While that is true, you at least get to config almost all of it...
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    Starting with it can be a bit of a pain, but once you are used to the commands, config files, etc you'll wonder how you've done without it all these years.

    Despite the annoyances at the beginning, I really recommend you invest time in it.
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    Save yourself the setup headache and drop $10 (USD) a month on digital ocean’s “rancher” droplet to get started. Once you love Docker, bring it local. It can be a bear locally.
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    Docker is tackling an aspect of application deployment that has always been sucking under Linux. Imagine you have an application on Linux. Like all Linux applications, it pulls in 500,000 dependencies, and each of them does the same recursively because nobody has grasped the liabilities that dependencies create, and it's a big web of dependency spaghetti with shit breaking left and right. There are poor sods on every distro who waste their lives trying to deal with the fallout (maintainers), but only for applications they like, which doesn't include yours. And they don't test exactly your use case.

    You could use a VM, but that costs much performance and memory, which sucks if the server shall run a lot of that stuff. Enter Docker which only scraps together userspace shit in a config that you have tested and that happens to work. You put that container to a server and don't have to care about breaking userland dependencies because your container is self-sufficient (within userland).
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    Thanks peeps, I was just meme-ing, I use docker daily..
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    @leksyib the things people(me) do to get those stickers..😂
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