I’m a bit scared that we as developers will replace ourselves with AI - sure there must be developers for AI and special stuff AI can’t handle at that time, but... I think that not so many developers are needed in the future?

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    I just noticed that this would mean devRant will shrink :o and every rant will be about a JS AI xD the future seems very dark, I appreciate any other argumentation :D
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    A.I does indeed have a lot of cool applications. But I ain't fretting, a lot of business cases can't be bothered with completely replacing their 18 year old ASP codebase into something more modern, let alone something infused with A.I

    Plus, A.I as we currently know it is merely a label marker, which is something that a lot of software does well enough without the power with more traditional means. I am really not taking away from it, it is amazing tech and I deeply love it and study it, but I believe that its biggest contender is pure human nature e.g "what am i supposed to use this shit for?"

    It can't write software. It will write algorithms that make it better, sure, but software is written to solve human problems. So unless we create an ai that i dunno, writes your cms for ya then i really don't see a point in worrying about it
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    We're a long way from that. Artificial intelligence != artificial consciousness.. thats what we really need to worry about
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    I am firmly of the opinion that by the time AI starts taking the development jobs it will have also taken out essentially all other jobs. Then we either go extinct as a species or live in a glorious post-scarcity future where we do whatever the fuck we want, so really nothing to worry about.
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    @catadoxa yeah.. for that to happen, AI would have to figure out what the client wants. That in itself is tough even for humans
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