Tell me whatever you want. Tell me that I'm a Google fanboy even if I'm not. But I fucking like how Google is applying their own Material Design to fucking everything.

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    And im banning anything that uses material just because it mentally hurts me. My OCD just cannot handle it.
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    Wait, this is material? I thought the previous theme was, and I loved it.
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    @irene is it Keep Notes or whatever it's called?

    Edit: definitely is that. Just updated the app to confirm lol
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    @tokumei material design is "throw random things together and don't align it. Then round all corners"
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    This is pure mess, I even think the old one was much cleaner than this bullshit...
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    I was getting worried that they'd can Keep. Was glad to see that they redesign it.
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    I love material design but I don't think we need this much white in our life...
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