I've been writing PHP for more then 10 years. So, one fine day while having coffee with new tech manager...

Manager: huh, you've been programmer for very long time. Can you explain how echo works?

Me: err.. Echo. Spit out string. (show some example code on my phone)

Manager: I mean, I want to know, which part in C++ code in PHP engine. (trying to impress with jargons)

Me: I don't know. But why?

Manager: As programmer, you need to know, so you can echo more efficient.

Me: ... Errr... Ok... (I've been echo-ing for more then decade. Is there a way to make echo more efficient?)

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    You manager needs to get his head out of his ass.
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    I second the above motion. Your manager really does need to get his head out of his ass
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    May I repeat??
    Your manager really really does need to get his head out of his ass.
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    It'll put the string into a buffer and upon flushing write it to stdout (or w/e steam you chose)
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    Tell your manager that he cannot echo if his head is lodged within or beyond his rectum.

    He should, however, still be able to smell his own bullshit prior to it entering or leaving his mouth.
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    I'd have sneezed and then said: "Sorry! I am allergic to bullshit."
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    The exemple is stupid. The idea not so much, knowing how the php engineer work, can help you...
    And php is 99% C... As almost every compiler
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    Should've asked him how he would echo more efficiently, just out of curiosity
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    @gpn273 ^^ printf ^^
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    Yeah, there is a way to echo more efficiently.

    Drop the middle man - use C++.
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    Tell your manager to go to Kayak.

    Find a ticket to Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (code phx)

    Rent a car in Phoenix Airport like Ugly Duckling

    Take I-17 North like 150 miles
    Take HWY 180 North for like 40 miles
    Take HWY 64 North for like 30 miles

    Get out to Grand Canyon Village
    Walk like a mile or couple miles
    Go down to Canyon for 1 or 2 hours

    Yell really loud whatever he wants
    Grand Canyon will ECHO back his crap

    I hope he took some water because it’s like 6 -10 hours walk back up
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    Go and code in Grand canyon πŸ•Ί
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    There should be a mod in Skyrim with a power called Fus Ro Echo...exclusively for him πŸ˜‘
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