ajax hell/dom hell
do you know it? no dont talk abut the callback hell.

i fcking hate it when i load any modern site, and it needs a few seconds to calc some stuff, xhr this, calc that, dom/css visible that. at all it takes more time specially if you on low end to mid equipmemt.

And then you think its finally loaded, you want to click or tab something and then another xhr was Finished, dom/css changed, and the button i was about to Click moved and i click something else.

friends of me hates this to.

so please dear webdevs, stop try to be cool and fancy just because you found out how "cool" conditions in css and dom is. stop using that bullshit angular (and so on) bullshit if you cant manage to pull out a html at start that will not changr its layout all the time after being loaded, ty.

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    I usually take some extrawork to make all the possible calculation by PHP/CSS in order to avoid EVERY SINGLE JS THING.

    If I have to do something through JS, then I'll just have a preloader
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    1. Move pointer into position, get ready to click.
    2. Ad loads, pushing content vertically.
    3. Click the ad. Goddammit.
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    Fuck, just call me back already, been trying to reach you for weeks...
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    Not Angular's fault 😢
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    The dev is shit, not the framework
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    I hate how bloated the web is and things are bigger than they need to be.
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    @ihatecomputers Is that a reference to the Hawaii missile alert?
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    Unobtrusive JS is still a thing imho. Or at least it should be. Having so much to process before you can even start using a website is just not a good user experience. But ... maybe that's just me.
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    @devTea if allmost everything i see that is made with that framework sucks, then its the framework. specially when the "best practise" guids leads to descripter behavior
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