Am I the only one who switched over to GitLab after Microsoft bought GitHub and is still using it?

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    😛 Kidding. I'm on gitlab. But I didn't go there because of M$. I just found gitlab is better than bitbucket and decided to make the switch then.
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    I'm using both and have done that before MS bought Github.
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    Well... is it better that GitLab is hosted on google? (if you use the hosted version)
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    I use gitlab for personal repos, and github for work.
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    Not really because of MS but I use bitbucket pretty extensively.
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    That's negative I do too. I strongly preferred gitlab even before github announced the MS acquisition. In particular, I like the many integrated features that GitHub is still missing, along with the option to grab the source code and self-host if I lose trust in the SaaSS
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    @tokumei github has a lot more though, although its not by default. You can choose a task runner of choice from the marketplace. The marketplace is the place to be.

    (Although I agree that the gitlab default features are better than github default features)
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    @Root shouldn’t it be the other way around?
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    @itsron143 Why would I use github for personal repos?

    Work is stupid, so they have that excuse.
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    @Root I used to think that GitHub was for personal projects and GitLab for professional use.
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